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SecurePlus is the first insurance-focused accreditation program uniquely designed to address the specific needs of both the vault facility and their individual customers. It is the most comprehensive and cost-effective insurance program available to vault-owners in the market today.

SecurePlus accredited vaults provide a fixed amount of insurance coverage to each occupied unit, then allow each client to obtain and pay for additional standalone insurance for the remaining full value of their box contents.

SecurePlus accredited vault companies enjoy a distinct competitive advantage over banks and depositories, such as Brinks or Delaware Depository, while further enhancing the value of their core-storage services to better attract and retain customers.

The program minimizes the cost to the vault-facility owner; since coverage is not being maintained on unoccupied boxes, or for an amount that greatly exceeds the value of the property in a box, which often happens with a single aggregate policy.


SDBIC’s insurance coverage is offered in partnership with AXA ART, the world’s leading art and collectibles insurance specialist. AXA Art Americas Corporation products are underwritten by AXA Insurance Company, which maintains an “A (Excellent)” Financial Strength Rating and an “a+” Issuer Credit Rating from A.M. Best. Both AXA ART and AXA Insurance Company are members of the global AXA Group, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Read more here.

The insurance covers all legal property in the safe deposit box or unit–including currency, cash, gold, and firearms–against all natural disasters, as well as theft due to burglary or robbery and other catastrophes.

Coverage uniquely extends to also protect property with no intrinsic market value, such as important documents like wills, titles, deeds, trusts, passports and digital backups and photos.

SecurePlus Accreditation

SDBIC, a leader in secured vault insurance solutions and risk assessment, developed SecurePlus accreditation in response to the lack of recognized standards to assess the safety of contents being stored at private vault facilities.

To become accredited, a facility undergoes a rigorous assessment of its physical design and operations, involving analysis and inquiries in over 200 different areas ranging from vault design and construction, physical and electronic security, access technology and controls, fire detection and suppression, institutional policy and procedures, and management oversight.

SDBIC Brings Value to You & Your Customers
  • Provides a competitive advantage over financial institutions, vaults & depositories
  • Earn potential referral fees for additional insurance purchases made by your clients
  • Ability to now provide insured storage to IRA administrators
  • Leverage marketing support & referral network from SDBIC and AXA ART
  • Eligible for referrals from nationwide network of partners
  • Clients can obtain extremely affordable insurance
  • No disclosures or appraisals needed to obtain coverage
  • Have a policy issued directly in their name with minimal information required
  • Independent assessment of your security, facility and operations enhances client comfort
  • Storage and insurance costs are less than what depositories charge
  • Know the Facts #1
    Number of financial institutions that insure the contents of your safe deposit box? Zero
  • Know the Facts #2
    Upwards of 60% of consumers have no insurance coverage for their jewelry or collectibles
  • Know the Facts #3
    of valuables stolen from a home are never recovered
  • Know the Facts #4
    Over 50% of the 25 million box holders across country believe insurance comes with box rental

SecurePlus Accreditation Features

  1. Secured Vault Insurance
    Provide insured storage through SDBIC covering all legal property contained in a safe deposit box or private-vault unit against all natural disasters, as well as theft due to burglary or robbery and other catastrophes.
  2. AXA Partnership
    SDBIC insurance coverage is offered in partnership with AXA ART, the world’s leading art and collectibles insurance specialist. AXA ART is a member of the global AXA Group, one of the largest insurance companies in the world.
  3. Customer Value
    Vault customers can select the precise amount of insurance coverage desired for their contents and have a policy issued directly in their name, which they can actively manage to address any changes in the property being stored.

Customer & Partner Testimonial

  • “The designed unknown makes the product unique. Typically an insurer goes to great lengths to gather information before assuming any risk, but the lack of knowledge on the part of SDBIC is a strength in this case.”

    Value Penguin, March 2015

  • “A great competitive advantage for our business, SDBIC’s insurance solution provides a critical element to ensure our customers’ are absolutely protected and in a manner that preserves their privacy and confidentiality.”

    David Johnson, Security and Operations Manager, BlueVault

  • “SafeStash accreditation allows us to better compete on the national level while providing our customers the highest assurance that their valuable property is protected in every possible way.”

    Joe Pruess, Owner and President, Mountain Vault

  • “SDBIC literally identified and provided a solution for an insurance gap of which many consumers–including sophisticated collectors–are not yet aware. We believe it to be a superb solution for all situations that which require safe deposit box storage usage.”

    Robert H. Pittinger

  • “I am happy that I found your coverage. It’s perfect for my storage needs.”

    Leroy H., Batesville AR

  • “I love the privacy and autonomy that SDBIC provides by allowing you to manage all aspects of your insurance policy online.”

    Brian J., Buffalo NY

  • “I have been searching for a good insurance policy to protect my gold; it is exactly the type of coverage I had been looking for.”

    Thomas C., Butte MT

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