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  • “Despite common misperceptions, items kept in safe deposit boxes are not insured by the bank or FDIC. We are encouraged that many banks across the country have begun offering this kind of insurance as an enhancement to their current safe deposit box services.”

    Deanne Marino, Executive Director, American Banking Insurance Association (ABIA)

  • “A great competitive advantage for our business, SDBIC’s insurance solution provides a critical element to ensure our customers’ are absolutely protected and in a manner that preserves their privacy and confidentiality.”

    David Johnson, Security and Operations Manager, BlueVault

  • “SafeStash accreditation allows us to better compete on the national level while providing our customers the highest assurance that their valuable property is protected in every possible way.”

    Joe Pruess, Owner and President, Mountain Vault

  • “Partnering with SDBIC offers our members an easy, convenient and affordable way to protect themselves from a potential loss that no financial institution can predict or prevent.”

    Carol Bradshaw, Marketing Director, PrimeTrust

  • “Partnering with SDBIC offers our customers an easy, convenient and affordable way to protect their most valuable assets. We are very excited to be the first financial institution in the state of Tennessee to roll out this beneficial program.”

    Judy Long, President & Chief Operating Officer, First Citizens National Bank

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