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  • Are the treasures in your safe deposit box really safe?
    “She went to retrieve the items only to discover her entire box was gone.”

  • Bank safe deposit box thefts have experts stumped

  • Protect your family’s valuables like the rich and famous

  • Inside Edition Special: Do You Have a Safe Deposit Box? Here’s How To Ensure Your Valuables Are Safe

  • 50,000 boxes have been impacted by events in the past 3 years, affecting $1.2 billion in property

  • Home burglaries happen every 16 seconds, and only 7.4% of valuable property is ever recovered

  • “Oh my God, how much did they take?…I’m panic stricken, I have to know if they got to mine.” – Roof Top Burglary of Safe Deposit Boxes Devastates Bank Customers in NY.

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Create Your Own Digital Safe Deposit Box with a Custom Personal Email


Smart, Safe and Secure Protection

Today, the storm of the century seems to occur every 18 months, terrorist threats represent a societal concern, and criminal hackers work tirelessly to steal our assets and our identity. SDBIC features two unique, complimentary products to protect your valuable assets against these risks. Our patented insurance provides blanket coverage for the contents of your safe deposit box, without requiring disclosure of the property in the box. Digital Fortress is a digital safe deposit box with a customized integrated email feature that allows you to easily store, transmit and receive important documents and data in an ultra-secure environment.

An SDBIC insured, off-premise safe deposit box combined with our digital safe deposit box provides the foundation for securing and protecting your tangible personal property, originals of your critical documents and all your digital data and personal information.  Separately or in tandem, our convenient affordable products deliver comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Asset Protection Solutions

Digital Fortress A simple, user friendly and highly secure safe deposit box with custom integrated email allowing you to easily store, transmit, retrieve and share important documents and data Learn More Art Collectibles Valuables & Documents Coins Precious
Diamonds, Jewelry, & Gems

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  • Turnkey fee revenue products improving your customer's banking experience
  • Turnkey fee revenue products improving your customer's banking experience
  • Secure local storage solutions + individually tailored insurance = greater customer acquisition
  • SecurePlus: Accredited world-class storage + individually tailored insurance solutions
  • The absolute best solution for storing and insuring your clients bullion, art and high value assets
  • Comprehensive coverage that saves your clients money, placed in a 5 minute transaction with no appraisals
  • Know the Facts #1
    Number of financial institutions that insure the contents of your safe deposit box? Zero
  • Know the Facts #2
    of valuables stolen from a home are never recovered
  • Know the Facts #3
    More than 50,000 boxes and $1B in property has been impacted by events in the past four years
  • Know the Facts #4
    of victims of cyber theft sustained monetary loss of $10K or more
  • Know the Facts #5
    of consumers use duplicate passwords, many of which have not been changed in 5 years or more

Customer & Partner Testimonial

  • “SDBIC insures all of my important documents, which brings me peace of mind.”

    Evelyn A., Terrell TX