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We insure assets at any bank, credit union, approved vault or depository. Peace of mind if the unthinkable happens.

  • Suburban family searching for answers after safe deposit box vanishes.

    One expert predicts that as people return to regular life after the pandemic, some may find their safe deposit box is gone.

  • No safe deposit box or home safe is completely protected from theft, fire, flood or other loss or damage. Consider taking precautions…FDIC insurance covers only deposit accounts…don’t expect the bank to reimburse you for theft of or damage to the contents of your safe deposit box.

  • When Philip Poniz opened Box 105 at his local Wells Fargo, he discovered it was empty — and that he was totally unprotected by federal law.

  • A couple is accusing JPMorgan of drilling open their safe deposit boxes and selling $10 million of their jewelry after they failed to pay rent for the boxes.

  • $110 Million Worth of Gold Stolen from a Depository in Delaware.

    Lloyd’s Insurance Denies Claims. 

  • ‘No obvious signs’ of entry into vault in multimillion-dollar cash heist in Sylmar

  • What happened to Sally Gravely’s former safe deposit box at Well Fargo’s Tanglewood branch? What was in it? Where are its contents?

    Wells Fargo Bank apparently doesn’t know the answers. They found the lock on Sally’s safe deposit box already had been drilled, and the box inside was empty. The bank told him there were no records.

We are changing the way people store and insure their valuables.
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  • “I added to my collection and had to increase my coverage. I called SDBIC and it took 5 minutes and was shockingly affordable.”

    Michael B., Sarasota FL

Smart, Safe and Secure Protection


Today the storm of the century seems to occur every three months, terrorist, rioting, and looting threatens our cities and thief’s work tirelessly to steal our assets. SDBIC provides unique, specialized solutions to protect your valuable assets against these risks.


Our patented insurance provides blanket coverage for all assets stored in safe deposit boxes, safes, or vaults at financial institutions, private vaults, depositories, or other approved secured locations with limited or no disclosure of the content required at sign up. All risk coverage up to $500,000 per box can be purchased online for hard to insure assets such as gold, silver, digital currency, loose diamonds and stones, collectibles, family heirlooms and jewelry without the need for appraisals.


We also provide customized insurance solutions for high-net-worth individuals, estates administrators, family offices, financial advisors, university endowment funds and other entities seeking to protect difficult to insure assets in secure locations beyond regulated financial institutions. We sell direct to consumers, through agents, financial institutions, private vaults facilities, and precious metal dealers to provide insurance solutions not otherwise available through traditional personal lines insurance companies. This is our specialty. It is all we do. We provide concierge level service to our clients, whether they are insuring $10,000. Or $60,000,000 in assets.

Asset Protection Solutions

Private Vaults and Depositories
• Don’t just hope your insurance is sufficient. Know it is!
• Get a policy for the amount you need.
• Have more comprehensive coverage.
• Have a policy issued in your name.
• Have a direct recovery from your carrier.
• Settle your claim in 30 days.
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  • Turnkey fee revenue products improving your customer's banking experience
  • Turnkey fee revenue products improving your customer's banking experience
  • Secure local storage solutions + individually tailored insurance = greater customer acquisition
  • SecurePlus: Accredited world-class storage + individually tailored insurance solutions
  • The absolute best solution for storing and insuring your clients bullion, art and high value assets
  • Comprehensive coverage that saves your clients money, placed in a 5 minute transaction with no appraisals
  • Know the Facts #1
    Number of financial institutions that insure the contents of your safe deposit box? Zero
  • Know the Facts #2
    $110 Million Gold and Silver Coin Vanished in 2023
  • Know the Facts #3
    of valuables stolen from a home are never recovered
  • Know the Facts #4
    Over 50% of the 25 million box holders across country believe insurance comes with box rental