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  • Suburban family searching for answers after safe deposit box vanishes.

    One expert predicts that as people return to regular life after the pandemic, some may find their safe deposit box is gone.

  • No safe deposit box or home safe is completely protected from theft, fire, flood or other loss or damage. Consider taking precautions…FDIC insurance covers only deposit accounts…don’t expect the bank to reimburse you for theft of or damage to the contents of your safe deposit box…Look for Insurance Coverage…FDIC Winter 2018 Newsletter

  • When Philip Poniz opened Box 105 at his local Wells Fargo, he discovered it was empty — and that he was totally unprotected by federal law.

  • A couple is accusing JPMorgan of drilling open their safe deposit boxes and selling $10 million of their jewelry after they failed to pay rent for the boxes.

  • I am missing items from my safe deposit box. The bank has stated that it is not at fault. What can I do?

    Banks use control systems to ensure that only authorized persons have access to safe deposit boxes. The goal is to allow only the safe deposit box renter to have access to and the ability to remove items from the box. A bank may defend itself against a claim of unauthorized access or missing items by showing that its controls were followed.

  • 50,000 boxes have been impacted by events in the past 3 years, affecting $1.2 billion in property

  • What happened to Sally Gravely’s former safe deposit box at Well Fargo’s Tanglewood branch? What was in it? Where are its contents?

    Wells Fargo Bank apparently doesn’t know the answers. They found the lock on Sally’s safe deposit box already had been drilled, and the box inside was empty. The bank told him there were no records.

We are changing the way people store and insure their valuables.
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  • “I have been searching for a good insurance policy to protect my gold; it is exactly the type of coverage I had been looking for.”

    Thomas C., Butte MT

  • “This is the easiest insurance that I have ever purchased, entire process took five minutes, and I received my policy instantly.”

    Hugh B., Spartanburg SC

  • “I love the privacy and autonomy that SDBIC provides by allowing you to manage all aspects of your insurance policy online.”

    Brian J., Buffalo NY

  • “I was very upset to learn that the bank is not insuring my box. I am very happy I was able to get insurance for my box that only costs $25 a year.”

    Susan M., Chicago IL

  • “I now call my safe deposit box my, ‘insured safe haven.’ If I know a big storm is coming, I take everything to the box where it’s insured against flooding.”

    Lisa G., Charlotte NC

  • “Lost everything in box due to a flood, now have peace of mind I will be made whole if it floods again.”

    Melvin F., Fresno CA

  • “Process was easy; agent was helpful and not pushy.”

    Tom F., Stanford CT

  • “Affordable and excellent customer service, I will have an SDBIC policy for as long as I have a box.”

    Michelle S., Newark NJ

  • “When I call; I always get a live person, and the representatives are always very polite and helpful.”

    Krishan P., New York NY

  • “I am happy that I found your coverage. It’s perfect for my storage needs.”

    Leroy H., Batesville AR

  • “SDBIC saved me so much on my yearly insurance costs that I have been referring all of my friends who have the same hobby.”

    Carolyn L., Sebastian FL

  • “It’s affordable, and covers my rare card collection without an appraisal.”

    Paul S., New Orleans LA

  • “I added to my collection and had to increase my coverage. I called SDBIC and it took 5 minutes and was shockingly affordable.”

    Michael B., Sarasota FL

  • “SDBIC insures all of my important documents, which brings me peace of mind.”

    Evelyn A., Terrell TX

  • “I put my jewelry in a box at the bank, and saved hundreds a year by getting a SDBIC policy.”

    George F., San Jose CA

  • “I can’t believe how much I saved by insuring my collection through SDBIC and storing it in a box.”

    Frank H., Albany Park IL

  • “SDBIC’s policy is suited to protect my box contents, unlike my previous coverage through my homeowner’s coverage.”

    Nancy D., New Orleans LA

  • SDBIC makes it very easy for anyone to insure their valuables. Great coverage at a great price, they provide polite and personal customer service and provide peace of mind that a bank cannot. 

    Deepak Sharma



  • “SDBIC literally identified and provided a solution for an insurance gap of which many consumers–including sophisticated collectors–are not yet aware. We believe it to be a superb solution for all situations that which require safe deposit box storage usage.”

    Robert H. Pittinger

  • “It took me just minutes to purchase coverage for stamps I had collected over the past 25 years–and I received my policy instantly.”

    Joshua D, Atlanta, GA

  • “Despite common misperceptions, items kept in safe deposit boxes are not insured by the bank or FDIC. We are encouraged that many banks across the country have begun offering this kind of insurance as an enhancement to their current safe deposit box services.”

    Deanne Marino, Executive Director, American Banking Insurance Association (ABIA)

  • “That heirloom jewelry, those high-value baseball cards stored in a safe-deposit box–you think they’re insured from mishap? Unlike bank deposits, they’re not…”

    AARP Bulletin, September 2015

  • “The designed unknown makes the product unique. Typically an insurer goes to great lengths to gather information before assuming any risk, but the lack of knowledge on the part of SDBIC is a strength in this case.”

    Value Penguin, March 2015

  • “The safe deposit box insurance product, including the marketing materials alongside the affirmative election requirement, does not raise any concerns or present risks of the type that are traditionally the focus of CFPB’s guidance, enforcement actions or examinations. The feedback received from the CFPB …supports our view.”

    Chrys D. Lemon, Partner, McIntyre & Lemon, PLLC

  • “[SDBIC’s coverage] presents a new way for credit unions to monetize their safe deposit box offerings. They get a 10% to 20% cut…when members buy through the financial institution. [Or] SDBIC pays credit unions a flat fee for every policy members buy.”

    Credit Union Times, November 2015

  • “A great competitive advantage for our business, SDBIC’s insurance solution provides a critical element to ensure our customers’ are absolutely protected and in a manner that preserves their privacy and confidentiality.”

    David Johnson, Security and Operations Manager, BlueVault

  • “SafeStash accreditation allows us to better compete on the national level while providing our customers the highest assurance that their valuable property is protected in every possible way.”

    Joe Pruess, Owner and President, Mountain Vault

  • “I learned the hard way following hurricane Sandy. Now my coin collection is kept in a safe deposit box at my bank, which to my surprise offered very affordable insurance through SDBIC.”

    Joseph M, New York, NY

  • ”SDBIC provides our customers with an alternative to storing valuable items in their home, where perhaps they are not fully insured and are certainly more vulnerable to a catastrophe.”

    Sharon Lee, EVP Client Services, American National Bank of Texas

  • “The frequency and intensity of natural disasters are increasing, and as a result so are the instances where safe deposit box contents are being destroyed. Our customers may now conveniently elect to insure their box contents at a low cost and without a deductible.”

    Alan J. Stuart, Senior Vice President, Manasquan

  • “This is a great, customer-focused enhancement to our safe deposit box services. It was also one of the easiest product rollouts we have ever done.”

    Dan Pannell, Client Strategy and Product Specialist, Palmetto Bank

  • “Partnering with SDBIC offers our members an easy, convenient and affordable way to protect themselves from a potential loss that no financial institution can predict or prevent.”

    Carol Bradshaw, Marketing Director, PrimeTrust

  • “If our customers today are insuring family heirlooms, valuables or collectibles stored in their homes, they can now place those items in our safe deposit boxes and have superior protection and insurance coverage for a fraction of the cost.”

    Tammy Poole, Retail Banking Specialist, First Community Bank

  • “Partnering with SDBIC offers our customers an easy, convenient and affordable way to protect their most valuable assets. We are very excited to be the first financial institution in the state of Tennessee to roll out this beneficial program.”

    Judy Long, President & Chief Operating Officer, First Citizens National Bank

  • “Now our customers can insure those valuables for a fraction of the cost of insuring them in their homes.”

    Ashley Kuehn, Vice President of Marketing and Retail Services, First Montana Bank

Smart, Safe and Secure Protection

Today the storm of the century seems to occur every three months, terrorist, rioting, and looting threatens our cities and thief’s work tirelessly to steal our assets. SDBIC provides unique, specialized solutions to protect your valuable assets against these risks.


Our patented insurance provides blanket coverage for all assets stored in safe deposit boxes, safes, or vaults at financial institutions, private vaults, depositories, or other approved secured locations with limited or no disclosure of the content required at sign up. All risk coverage up to $500,000 per box can be purchased online for hard to insure assets such as gold, silver, digital currency, loose diamonds and stones, collectibles, family heirlooms and jewelry without the need for appraisals.


We also provide customized insurance solutions for high-net-worth individuals, estates administrators, family offices, financial advisors, university endowment funds and other entities seeking to protect difficult to insure assets in secure locations beyond regulated financial institutions. We sell direct to consumers, through agents, financial institutions, private vaults facilities, and precious metal dealers to provide insurance solutions not otherwise available through traditional personal lines insurance companies. This is our specialty. It is all we do. We provide concierge level service to our clients, whether they are insuring $10,000. Or $60,000,000 in assets.

Asset Protection Solutions

Private Vaults and Depositories
• Don’t just hope your insurance is sufficient. Know it is!
• Get a policy for the amount you need.
• Have more comprehensive coverage.
• Have a policy issued in your name.
• Have a direct recovery from your carrier.
• Settle your claim in 30 days.
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  • Turnkey fee revenue products improving your customer's banking experience
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  • The absolute best solution for storing and insuring your clients bullion, art and high value assets
  • Comprehensive coverage that saves your clients money, placed in a 5 minute transaction with no appraisals
  • Know the Facts #1
    Number of financial institutions that insure the contents of your safe deposit box? Zero
  • Know the Facts #2
    of valuables stolen from a home are never recovered
  • Know the Facts #3
    More than 50,000 boxes and $1B in property has been impacted by events in the past four years
  • Know the Facts #4
    of victims of cyber theft sustained monetary loss of $10K or more
  • Know the Facts #5
    of consumers use duplicate passwords, many of which have not been changed in 5 years or more