Precious Metal Dealers

gold-bars The overwhelming majority of first-time buyers do not have their gold bullion/coin purchases sent to a depository.

For your clients purchasing gold, silver, platinum or other precious metals, there is now finally a compelling alternative to depository storage:

SDBIC allows for local, segregated and secure storage where clients can actually see, touch, and validate their inventory and purchases; and most important, SDBIC also allows your customers to obtain individual insurance coverage on their investments that is issued in their name and for the exact value of their purchases.

Store it and Insure it: Simply store precious metal purchases in a safe deposit box at a local bank or credit union, or at one of SDBIC’s growing network of SecurePlus accredited private vault facilities, and then insure it through SDBIC. The combined cost is significantly less–and coverage protection is greater–than that a depository.

SDBIC’s coverage offered in partnership with AXA ART, the only art and collectibles insurance specialist in the world, with unrivaled knowledge and expertise in the use, display and storage of high-value collectibles. AXA Art Americas Corporation products in the U.S. are underwritten by AXA Insurance Company. Read more here.

The sign-up process takes 5 minutes, with privacy and confidentiality maintained throughout. In fact, no disclosures or appraisals of the box/vault contents are required to obtain coverage. And no deductibles are paid upon loss.

SDBIC Brings Value to You & Your Customers
  • Make the purchase experience as personally engaging and exciting as possible for the customer
  • Easier, less risky buying process for the customer; leads to increased business conversion rates
  • Cost-savings obtained by customers means more money to spend with your business
  • Greater customer loyalty, enhanced reputation earned by informing and educating buyers on their storage and insurance options
  • An easier purchase process for your customer
  • Avoid complex depository agreements
  • Individually issued insurance policy confirms their investments are fully protected
  • See, feel, touch what they’ve purchased rather than rely on a confirmation receipt from a facility
  • Better coverage at lower cost

IRA Program

  1. SecurePlus Accreditation
    Our SecurePlus accredited private vaults and select partner banks will work with your clients preferred Self Directed IRA Administrator.
  2. Policy in your name
    IRA Administrator takes direct shipment of qualified IRA precious metals, which are held in a segregated box in the name of the Administrator and the Customer.
  3. Value-add service
    An insurance policy is issued to the Administrator naming the IRA Client as an additional named insured. Claims settled in 30 days.

Customer & Partner Testimonial

  • “Despite common misperceptions, items kept in safe deposit boxes are not insured by the bank or FDIC. We are encouraged that many banks across the country have begun offering this kind of insurance as an enhancement to their current safe deposit box services.”

    Deanne Marino, Executive Director, American Banking Insurance Association (ABIA)

  • “That heirloom jewelry, those high-value baseball cards stored in a safe-deposit box–you think they’re insured from mishap? Unlike bank deposits, they’re not…”

    AARP Bulletin

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