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handshake Diversify your investments as well as your methods of protection.

If you are an investment or certified financial adviser, a CPA or an estate planning specialist; part of your valued consult is advising your clients about the role a safe deposit box or other off-premise, vault storage can play in protecting and securing assets or critical documents.

It starts with knowing they use–or advising them to use–a safe deposit box, and understanding how it can best be leveraged to protect valuable assets and important documents.

It is important to remember; however, that the valuable items stored inside the box are not insured by banks, credit unions or any federal agency. So, it is prudent for your clients to insure that property.

Whether storing important documentation, jewelry, photos, collectibles, art, precious metals or anything else of personal value, SDBIC offers the most comprehensive and cost-efficient storage and insurance solution available in the market today.

We hold a patent for insuring the contents of a safe deposit box without knowing what’s inside. There are no disclosures or appraisals required at purchase, and no deductibles to pay upon a loss.

Previously uninsurable items like: currency, bonds, cash, gold, silver, and even important papers like: wills, trusts, titles, deeds, photos and digital backups are now covered with SDBIC. Damage or loss due to floods, hurricanes and earthquakes are covered while typically excluded from standard homeowners policies.

The purchase process is simple, fast and fully transparent. Your client simply chooses the coverage limit and corresponding annual premium–starting as low as $25 a year for $5,000 of coverage.

SDBIC also oversees the insurance sale directly to the customer, and our specialized in-house team personally handles all program administration, customer service and claims processing promptly and to complete satisfaction.

SDBIC Brings Value to You & Your Customers

Advise your clients to make the smart decision–get the greatest insurance coverage at the lowest possible price point–increase trust, loyalty and retention.

Clients maintain complete confidentiality and accessibility to their treasured possessions, while ensuring they are protected and insured in the best way possible.

  • Know the Facts #1
    Number of financial institutions that insure the contents of your safe deposit box? Zero
  • Know the Facts #2
    $110 Million Gold and Silver Coin Vanished in 2023

Key Partnership Benefits

  1. Increase customer retention & acquisition
    Proactively propose a storage option that offers better insurance coverage at significantly lower cost than any other comparable option in market today.
  2. All administration handled by SDBIC
    From purchase to customer service to claims handling, we manage the entire program so you don’t have to.
  3. Strengthen Client Relationships
    Gain clients trust by offering them a low-cost insurance solution for their valuables.

Customer & Partner Testimonial

  • “Despite common misperceptions, items kept in safe deposit boxes are not insured by the bank or FDIC. We are encouraged that many banks across the country have begun offering this kind of insurance as an enhancement to their current safe deposit box services.”

    Deanne Marino, Executive Director, American Banking Insurance Association (ABIA)

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