SDBIC’s SecurePlus for Private Vaults Builds Momentum Nationwide with the Accreditation of Commonwealth Vault in Washington DC Metro Area

Branch closures and banks’ indifference toward safe deposit box service has consumers seeking secure storage options with private vault facilities

Safe Deposit Box Insurance Coverage, the leader in secure storage solutions, announced today that Commonwealth Vault in Ashburn, Virginia is the latest private vault to be accredited under their SecurePlus program. SecurePlus accreditation is based on a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of protective systems and operational procedures in place that reflect the highest level of commitment to the security and safekeeping of high-value assets.

The shrinking of branch banking has created a void in the market for secure storage. In a two-year period ending March of this year, 7,179 branches closed countrywide, a trend that is expected to continue,

itted to providing a world-class facility, and unparalleled privacy and services,” said Bryant Stone owner of Commonwealth Vault. “The SecurePlus accreditation process was very helpful plus it gave our clients access to insurance for their assets without having to disclose what is in their box, at a price point they could not otherwise get on their own,” added Bryant.

“The ability to refer clients to private vaults which have gone through an independent accreditation provides comfort to our clients because they can access their assets in a secure environment where their privacy is protected,” said Jlynn Byrd of Scottsdale Bullion and Coin.

“SecurePlus facilities recognize a critical component of their core service is providing protection against loss if the unthinkable were to occur,” said Jerry Pluard, President of SDBIC. “With a SecurePlus vault clients don’t have to hope their vault is secure and their insurance is sufficient as they do with other vault facilities. They know it is,” added Pluard.

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