Financial Institutions

Fee Revenue Products that Improve Your
Customers Banking Experience

SDBIC’s Asset Protection Program for financial institutions comprises two unique, complimentary products, each of which is specifically designed for your customers’ needs. Our two-pronged solution includes:

  • SDBIC’s Digital Fortress, the ultimate interactive  digital safe deposit box with a custom, secure integrated e-mail feature that allows users to easily transmit, receive, and collaborate on  important documents and data in an ultra-secure environment; and
  • SDBIC’s patented Safe Deposit Box Insurance that provides blanket coverage for a box renter’s contents without disclosure of the contents being stored.

Together, these products provide a foundation for your customers to secure and protect their tangible personal property and all their digital data and information. It allows you, our financial institution partners, to build better, stronger relationships with your customers, create additional touch points, and generate new annual fee revenue in the process.

Our products are consumer friendly, simple to use and provide comprehensive protection for the lowest possible cost. They meet the expectations and demands of your customers and have been positively reviewed by regulators.  Each product shares similar characteristics:

Tailored & Designed for Financial Institutions

  • Turnkey- No core system integration required
  • No branch level involvement in product distribution
  • No compliance or vendor management exposure
  • Customer servicing & administration handled exclusively by SDBIC
  • Customer privacy and confidentiality embedded in design
  • Supported by world class partners

Customer Expectations

  • Almost 50% of box holders already assume that their box contents are insured by the FDIC or their financial institution
  • 80% of box holders would like to have an option to insure their box contents
  • 86% of consumers are looking to their financial institution to help them manage & protect their digital information and assets
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Customers’ Exposure Increasing

  • In the last 36+ months, almost 50,000 safe deposit boxes have been impacted by some type of catastrophe, threatening $1.2B in box contents
  • Over 90% of consumers’ emails and a related password are thought to be available to criminals on the dark web due to all the security breaches
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Delivering Value to Your Institution and Your Customers

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  1. Insures all legal property including important papers such as wills, titles, deeds and photos, with no disclosure of contents at purchase
  2. Costs far less than homeowners plus covers flood, earthquake, hurricane and terrorist losses typically excluded with homeowners rider
  3. Clear disclosure that box contents are not insured results in an informed decision by your customer
  4. Protects brand and increases box rentals

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  1. Customized personal email allows for secure, encrypted communication & information sharing with your customer
  2. Customer can download statements & documents in a ultra-secure environment
  3. Password vault & generator allows customers to protect & manage passwords & pins
  4. Mobile App provides a secure environment for mobile banking 
  • Know the Facts #1
    of valuables stolen from homes are never recovered
  • Know the Facts #2
    More than 50,000 boxes and $1B in property has been impacted by events in the past four years
  • Know the Facts #3
    of victims of cyber theft sustained monetary loss of $10K or more
  • Know the Facts #4
    of consumers use duplicate passwords, many of which have not been changed in 5 years or more

Protect All of Your Assets
Physical & Digital

Safe Deposit Box InsuranceDigital Fortress