Store & Insure Precious Metals

Store & Insure with SDBIC

On average, $2 billion of gold, silver & jewelry are stolen from homes each year and 93% of that property is never recovered. Moreover, insuring bullion at your home is either impossible or incredibly expensive. That’s why storing your precious metals in a safe deposit box at a financial institution or with a SecurePlus accredited private vault is the best storage option.

You can then economically insure those investments against, burglary, robbery, all natural disasters, fire, flood, terrorist attacks and many other catastrophes, without having to tell us what you are storing.

We provide the most comprehensive protection at the lowest possible cost—starting at $25 yr for $5,000 coverage. And sign-up takes just 5-mins. 

If your looking for privacy, some of our SecurePlus vaults offer insured storage with complete anonymity for their clients.

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gold-bars We can save you time and money and provide the ultimate protection and peace of mind.


SIMPLE:  No appraisals, disclosure of contents, or deductibles. Sign-up takes 5 minutes

COVERS MORE:  If it’s legal we insure it—even cash, gold, and personal and financial documents are now covered

PROTECTS MORE:  All natural disasters—even flooding, earthquakes and hurricanes—plus burglary and robbery, terrorist attacks and more

COSTS LESS:  You choose the coverage amount, starting at $25/yr for $5,000 coverage

SECURE:  World Class partner in AXA, one of the top 3  largest insurers in the world




gold-bars Receiving shipments of gold or silver at your home makes you more vulnerable to burglary. 

Whether you are a first-time buyer of bullion or accumulating precious metals as part of a longer-term investment strategy, SDBIC understands the important decisions you need to make regarding where, when and how to best protect your purchase.

Simply store precious metal purchases in a safe deposit box and insure it through SDBIC. The combined cost is significantly less–and coverage protection is greater–than that a depository.

You simply store it and insure it.