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We Insure Your Safe Deposit Box
Because Your Bank Does Not

Every year millions of dollars of valuable property and important documents in safe deposit boxes are taken or destroyed. Family heirlooms and assets acquired or received over a lifetime are suddenly gone and you have no recourse or insurance.

If you’re not insuring your box, we provide the most comprehensive coverage at the lowest cost.  If you’re insuring valuables through a rider on your homeowners or renters policy, we can save you time and money.


SIMPLE:  No appraisals, disclosure of contents, or deductibles. Sign-up takes 5 minutes

COVERS MORE:  If it’s legal we insure it—even cash, gold, and personal and financial documents are now covered

PROTECTS MORE:  All natural disasters—even flooding, earthquakes and hurricanes—plus burglary and robbery, terrorist attacks and more

COSTS LESS:  You choose the coverage amount, starting at $25/yr for $5,000 coverage

SECURE:  World Class partner in AXA, one of the top 3  largest insurers in the world


Easy to Purchase, Easy to Manage

The sign-up process is simple, fast and transparent. It takes about 5 minutes and requires minimal personal information.

Simply select the amount of insurance coverage and corresponding annual premium, and provide payment information. No disclosure or appraisals are required.

You can then manage your account online to increase or modify coverage limits, access your policy or change personal data.




  • Use the purchase module right here or visit our Purchase Coverage page
  • Call us toll-free at 844-426-9467 and we can complete the process for you over the phone




  • Name, DOB, address, phone and email address
  • Name of financial institution, branch location (select from list provided)
  • Last 2 digits of your box
  • Select coverage amount/annual premium amount
  • Payment information (check, money order, e-check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover)




  • Policy documents are e-mailed the same day (or mailed if preferred)
  • Coverage becomes effective at 12:01 a.m. the next day
  • Contents added to your box are automatically covered up to your existing coverage limits
  • Coverage can be modified or canceled at any time through your online account


Customer & Partner Testimonial

  • SDBIC makes it very easy for anyone to insure their valuables. Great coverage at a great price, they provide polite and personal customer service and provide peace of mind that a bank cannot. 

    Deepak Sharma