SecurePlus Private Vaults


The SecurePlus Vaults are a network of private vault facilities across the country that provide secure storage for your valuables. Whether you are a collector, investor in hard assets, have a self-directed precious metal IRA or want to store cash, a private vault is an option you should consider.

   “These are some of the most secure facilities available to the public.”

They are not regulated banking institutions, but they provide better accessibility, improved confidentiality, and the flexibility to handle broader classes of assets with a higher level of service. They are operated by professionals rather than recent college graduates with no training on the procedures for safe deposit box services. Many will offer off-hour appointments, short term rentals, larger boxes, and custodial services.

     “These  facilities offer a level of professionalism, security, and  privacy not found in most financial institutions.”    

Unlike financial institutions, SecurePlus vaults provide insurance for your box contents under a flexible program that can be tailored to the clients’ specific needs. You are not required to disclose what is in your box and it covers all legal property. It is simple, easy and convenient. You can leave the vault with a policy or insurance certificate in hand having the comfort that you are fully protected if the unthinkable were to occur.

       “You can save as much as 75% on your insurance through the vaults -without having to disclose what is in the box.”



The SecurePlus accreditation was developed in response to the lack of recognized standards for assessing the safety of privately operated vaults. To become accredited, a facility undergoes a rigorous on-site assessment of its physical design and operations, involving analysis and inquiries in over 200 different areas ranging from vault design and construction, physical and electronic security, access and technology controls, fire detection and suppression, institutional policies and procedures, and management oversight

         Only vaults that meet our standards for overall safety and security are accredited”

If a private vault is not a SecurePlus accredited facility and does not offer an insured box, proceed with caution. If the vault has long operating history and continuity of ownership, that certainly helps, but the lack of accreditation may also indicate a level of complacency. You should always assess when the vault security, surveillance and access control technology was updated.  The comfort of having the owner or a familiar person servicing you each time you visits the facility, should not be at the cost of strict adherence to operational protocols and procedures needed to maintain a secure facility.



Don’t just hope your insurance is sufficient. Know it is!

  • Get a policy for the amount you need.
  • Have the policy issued in your name.
  • Have a direct recovery from your carrier.
  • Settle your claim in 30 days.


Customer & Partner Testimonial

  • “I learned the hard way following hurricane Sandy. Now my coin collection is kept in a safe deposit box at my bank, which to my surprise offered very affordable insurance through SDBIC.”

    Joseph M, New York, NY

  • “I love the privacy and autonomy that SDBIC provides by allowing you to manage all aspects of your insurance policy online.”

    Brian J., Buffalo NY

  • “I now call my safe deposit box my, ‘insured safe haven.’ If I know a big storm is coming, I take everything to the box where it’s insured against flooding.”

    Lisa G., Charlotte NC

  • “SDBIC saved me so much on my yearly insurance costs that I have been referring all of my friends who have the same hobby.”

    Carolyn L., Sebastian FL

  • “SDBIC insures all of my important documents, which brings me peace of mind.”

    Evelyn A., Terrell TX