Customer says Wells Fargo lost $20,000 of his cash

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Peter Tartsanyi said Wells Fargo mistakenly drilled into his safe deposit box. He said when he finally reclaimed his items, $20,000 in cash was missing, and so were coins from his late dad’s collection.

He saiid he’s in disbelief by the situation.

“This whole thing is like a twilight zone to me,” he said.

He said his dad’s collection was priced at $42,000.

“He would’ve been pissed I’m sure,” he said.

He laughed at the idea of getting in trouble with his dead dad, but said how it all happened is no laughing matter.

“The manager told us they drilled our safe deposit box by error. They wanted to drill somebody else’s who didn’t pay for it,” said Tartsanyi.

He said they opened his box in June, but didn’t notify him until July. He said when he finally recovered his items last fall, he found most of his dad’s coin collection, some of his cash and empty envelopes that should have cash inside totaling $20,000.

“The bottom line is safe deposit box should be safe. I can’t even imagine how somebody can make such a mistake,” he said.

So, he filed a report with Cape Coral Police Department.

On January 14, 2020, the bank sent him a letter admitting their error, but saying there’s essentially nothing they can do after he recovered his belongings and their investigation closed.

“Nobody’s really responsible for what they’re doing, because they just shrugged it off like okay we drilled it, but hey that’s tough luck for you,” he said.

A spokesperson sent the following statement to Fox 4.

Wells Fargo received our customers’ complaint, investigated all of the claims and allegations thoroughly and shared the results of the investigation with them. We have no further comment or information to share on this matter

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