First of four bank burglars sentenced

Staten Island resident Christopher Kerrigan was given a seven-year, six-month prison sentence last Friday, as well as three years of post-release supervision, for his role in a number of heists in addition to the one on the Rego Park-Middle Village border.

His brother, Charles Kerrigan, will be sentenced on Friday, while fellow burglars Michael Mazzara and Anthony Mascuzzio will be sentenced on April 13 and May 4, respectively.

Last December, Mazzara and Mascuzzio each copped to two counts of bank theft, while the Kerrigans each pleaded to two counts of bank burglary, one count of bank theft and one count of conspiracy to commit bank burglary.

Charles Kerrigan also admitted to one count of witness intimidation after — while on pretrial release — he assaulted someone he thought provided information about his activities to law enforcement.

During the early morning hours of May 21, 2016, the crew used a ladder to climb onto the roof of the Rego Park bank, where they had constructed a plywood structure a few days earlier.

Once shielded from view inside the structure, they used a blowtorch to cut a hole in the roof above the vault containing the bank’s safe-deposit boxes.

They descended into the building, circumvented the bank’s alarm system, covered the security cameras with a substance and ransacked dozens of boxes — leaving stacks of them empty on the roof.

The bandits were able to escape unseen with $4.3 million in cash, diamonds, stock certificates, coins, baseball cards and other valuables, in addition to about $300,000 from the bank’s vault.

The quartet, who also stole millions in valuables and cash from an HSBC Bank in Brooklyn that April, was arrested in July 2016.