“Jake the Retired Insurance Professional”

As a leading insurer of valuable assets stored in safe deposit boxes, and a company striving to create awareness about the benefit of secure storage; we hear many stories from folks across the country. We do not use our customer’s real names, but otherwise, this is a true story. 

Jake is a retired insurance executive, who spent over 40 years in the industry. Over the course of his life, he accumulated quite an extensive coin collection, and also recently purchased some bullion as part of an investment strategy. In retirement Jake has planned to do some traveling, so he decided to place the collection in a safe deposit box at his bank.

When leasing the box, Jake realized that the boxes were not insured. In order to have peace of mind while traveling, he needed to obtain $200,000 of coverage for his box. His carrier Travelers, who Jake considered to be high quality, quoted him an annual premium of $2,000 and wanted an appraisal to issue the policy.

Jake thought that was really high, so he took the internet where he found SDBIC. He had never heard of us, so even though he liked everything he saw on our website, he was skeptical. Jake told us that he always felt when a product looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Jake learned we are owned and operated by experienced insurance professionals who worked for respected companies he has encountered during his career. He asked about our coverage terms, claim process and our unique policy of not requiring disclosure of the content. After concluding his review, Jake said he thought our product and marketing position was “smart,” and he felt very comfortable doing business with us.  

In the end, Jake ended up insuring his entire coin collection with us for $400 a year with no deductible. That’s $1,600 dollars a year Jake can add to his travel budget!

We are changing the way people insure their valuables. Secure storage with our insurance is safer and far less expensive.  It is why we were awarded a patent. So if you have questions, just call us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions with no high-pressure selling, which is another characteristic that differentiates us.