Keeping Your Coins Safe

When you begin collecting coins, you will need to worry about keeping your coins safe from damage and theft.

How to keep your coins safe from damage.

1.  Store your coins in a dry area away from excessive moisture, extreme temperature, or direct sunlight.

2.  Put one or two desiccants near your coins to keep them dry.

3.  Do not store your coins in any area that may flood, like a basement.

4.  Keep your coins in 2×2 flips, coin tubes, albums, coin slabs, etc.   Not Jars or Bags.

5.  Keep your coins away from rubber bands, glue, and certain plastics containing PVC.

How to keep you coins safe from theft.

1.  The best way to avoid theft is to keep you coins in a safety deposit box.  I keep all my valuable coins in a
safety deposit box.   Safety deposit boxes will almost guarantee that your coins are not stolen.  However, keeping
your coins in a safety deposit box means that you will have limited access to them.

2.  Invest in a safe.  Keeping your coins in a safe will ensure that your coins are not stolen from visitors to your
house – like your kid’s friends.  Investing in a fire-safe will keep your coins safe in the event of a fire.

3.  Hide your coins in the attic.  Thieves rarely look in people’s attics.  It is probably the best hiding place.

4.  Keep accurate records of all you coins.  If you buy certified coins, record the serial numbers.

5.  If you do keep you coins at home, invest in coin insurance.  Beware that coin insurance can be complicated
and that you are unlikely to get full value for your coins in the event of a theft.  

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