Burglars Enter Micanopy Bank Roof

Local deputies are investigating the Friday morning burglary of a Micanopy bank in which thieves cut a hole in the roof and used power tools to access the vault.

Alachua County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded around 2:35 a.m. Friday to a burglary at Florida Citizens Bank in Micanopy after the bank’s alarm company alerted them the vault had been breached, Sgt. Brandon Kutner said.

roof burglary

It appears two people cut a hole in the bank’s roof to get inside and accessed the bank’s vault using power tools, Kutner said. They stole about $6,000 from the safe.

To get out of the bank, though, they didn’t use the hole in the roof. Instead, they broke through the brick wall of a bathroom to get outside, Kutner said. No one has been arrested for the burglary but deputies are reviewing video surveillance.

The burglars left a lot of evidence at the bank, located at 106 NE U.S. 441, so investigators are still processing it all, Kutner said.

ASO is looking into whether this bank burglary could be connected to other burglaries that occurred last year at jewelry, cell phone stores and pawn shops in North Central Florida in which burglars broke through a hole in the roof, he said. Several arrests were made in those cases, but the entry method was so unusual that detectives are looking for any connection.

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