SDBIC Partners with BlueVault to Launch Industry’s First Insurance Program for Private Vault Facilities

Safe Deposit Box Insurance Coverage, LLC (SDBIC) entered into agreement with BlueVault, a nationally recognized leader in high-end private vault storage, to provide insurance on every safe deposit box and storage unit within their facility.

SDBIC offers the only insurance solution in the market that covers all legal property contained in a safe deposit box against burglary, robbery, fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other catastrophes and natural disasters. SDBIC’s patented coverage is more comprehensive and less expensive than coverage typically offered through a homeowners’ policy. Uniquely it also extends to protect even important papers and documents such as wills, titles, deeds, trusts, passports, digital backups and photos.

The SecurePlus program was designed by SDBIC to provide insurance protection for boxes within qualified private vault facilities. With SecurePlus there are no disclosures or appraisals required to obtain coverage, no deductibles and property can be added or removed from the box without impacting coverage.

BlueVault is now the first vault storage facility in California providing safe deposit box insurance coverage to its customers. All BlueVault boxes and units come with $5,000.00 insurance; and at a reduced rate individual box holders’ can easily increase their policy limits to upwards of $1 million.

“We set out to create the safest possible environment for consumers to store their most valued possessions and we achieved this with our BlueVault storage facility,” said David Johnson, Security and Operations Manager of BlueVault. “Our partnership with SDBIC uniquely provides the one, and only, missing element that serves to absolutely ensure our customers’ possessions remain protected from loss in every possible way.”

BlueVault is the first facility of its kind in San Diego, featuring the industry’s most sophisticated security systems and technology, and meeting the most rigorous security standards.

“SecurePlus represents a critical enhancement to vault companies’ core service,” said Jerry Pluard, President of SDBIC. “We are extremely pleased to bring our solution for vault facilities to market with such a high quality organization such as BlueVault.”

SDBIC is underwritten by AXA ART, through AXA Insurance Company, a member of the AXA Insurance Group, one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

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SDBIC is a leading advocate for the use of safe storage, and the only provider of a patented insurance solution covering all legal property stored inside a safe deposit box against without requiring disclosure of the contents or providing appraisals at time of purchase. One of the fastest growing patented insurance products in the market, SDBIC has established partnerships with 1,200+ facilities across country. Please call us toll free at (844) 4-Box-Insurance, visit or click here to learn more about SDBIC coverage and costs, and view a homeowner’s price comparison.

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