SDBIC Ambassador

We are thrilled you are willing to be an ambassador! Please provide us with your name and e-mail address and get a custom link to our web site. This link will contain your unique ID. Please include the link with any message about SDBIC you send or post.  This will allow us to give you a referral credit each time someone purchases on our site using your link.

Your posts can focus on educating your friends that neither banks nor the FDIC insure the contents in their box, and Safe Deposit Box Insurance offers a convenient insurance solution. You may personally reflect on the features of our product you thought was important in your buying decision; but we do not want you to sell or specifically direct anyone to buy our insurance.

With 50% of box holders wrongly believing they are insured by their bank or FDIC, our collective mission is to eliminate that misunderstanding and make people aware of the existence SDBIC.

For your assistance we will pay you $20 for each referral from you that comes through our purchase site.

Thanks for your help in getting the word out


Customer & Partner Testimonial

  • “Affordable and excellent customer service, I will have an SDBIC policy for as long as I have a box.”

    Michelle S., Newark NJ

  • “I added to my collection and had to increase my coverage. I called SDBIC and it took 5 minutes and was shockingly affordable.”

    Michael B., Sarasota FL

  • “SDBIC insures all of my important documents, which brings me peace of mind.”

    Evelyn A., Terrell TX

  • “I put my jewelry in a box at the bank, and saved hundreds a year by getting a SDBIC policy.”

    George F., San Jose CA

  • “SDBIC’s policy is suited to protect my box contents, unlike my previous coverage through my homeowner’s coverage.”

    Nancy D., New Orleans LA