Cryptocurrency is the future of value. Protect yours.

Our Story

SafeStash was started by people who know about secure storage, insurance, and cryptocurrency. We wanted to find a way to provide confidential, comprehensive, and cost-effective coverage for those times when we (and everyone else) need to safeguard a portion of our cryptocurrency portfolio.

  • We make it simple
  • We make it fast
  • But most of all, we make it secure

All you need in three simple steps


The key (no pun intended) is to make certain you keep your private keys, passwords, and/or wallet recovery seeds safe.

You can:

  • Write them on a piece of paper
  • Store them in a metal wallet
  • Store them in a hard wallet




Once you have the keys stored, you need to put them somewhere safe where nobody can tamper with them, sometimes referred to as cold storage.

  • A bank safe deposit box
  • A secure vault
  • We can help you find a safe place. Just enter your location in the widget on the top, left side of this page and you will see a list of banks and secure vaults: or simply call us at 224-227-6181




  • The final step is to insure the keys from theft, physical damage, natural disasters, and other unfortunate events
  • Our approach requires no disclosure of assets, is confidential, comprehensive, and cost-effective
  • Complete the widget to get a quick, confidential quote or call us and tell us how much insurance you would like
  • 5 minute online or telephone purchase

Customer & Partner Testimonial

  • “A great competitive advantage for our business, SDBIC’s insurance solution provides a critical element to ensure our customers’ are absolutely protected and in a manner that preserves their privacy and confidentiality.”

    David Johnson, Security and Operations Manager, BlueVault

  • “SafeStash accreditation allows us to better compete on the national level while providing our customers the highest assurance that their valuable property is protected in every possible way.”

    Joe Pruess, Owner and President, Mountain Vault

  • “SDBIC literally identified and provided a solution for an insurance gap of which many consumers–including sophisticated collectors–are not yet aware. We believe it to be a superb solution for all situations that which require safe deposit box storage usage.”

    Robert H. Pittinger