De-risking Your Investment

We Insure Your Bitcoins or Other Cryptocurrencies- When Stored in a Safe Deposit Box at Any Bank, Credit Union or One of Our Private SecurePluS Facilities

We will insure cryptocurrency including Bitcoins if  stored in a safe deposit box. Whether it is in a wallet, cold storage coin or other device,  the currency is insured against burglary, robbery, flood, water damage, all-natural disasters,  terrorist attacks and other catastrophes.  At $500,000 or less per box, no disclosure is required. You simply choose the amount of coverage and pay the corresponding premium (See Purchase Module for Rates).  We will insure multiple boxes at $500,000 for the same client.  As market values fluctuate, or coins are removed or added you can easily change the amount of coverage using your online account. You can also cancel at any time.  There is a direct pro-rata adjustment (up or down) in your premium cost. 

Coverage in limits between $500K to $10M per box is available, but we would need some a basic description of the property in the box.    To change limits you would simply have to call us. It takes less than 3 minutes. Click on the FAQ button to the left for more information. 

Click on the SecurePlus button to the left for  more information on our network of  accredited private vaults, which offer additional security and confidentiality than a regulated bank or credit union. 



Easy to Purchase, Easy to Manage

The sign-up process is simple, fast and transparent. It takes about 5 minutes and requires minimal personal information.

Simply select the amount of insurance coverage and corresponding annual premium, and provide payment information. No disclosure or appraisals are required.

You can then manage your account online to increase or modify coverage limits, access your policy or change personal data.




  • Use the purchase module right here or visit our Purchase Coverage page
  • Call us toll-free at 844-426-9467 and we can complete the process for you over the phone




  • Name, DOB, address, phone and email address
  • Name of financial institution, branch location (select from list provided)
  • Last 2 digits of your box
  • Select coverage amount/annual premium amount
  • Payment information (check, money order, e-check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover)




  • Policy documents are e-mailed the same day (or mailed if preferred)
  • Coverage becomes effective at 12:01 a.m. the next day
  • Contents added to your box are automatically covered up to your existing coverage limits
  • Coverage can be modified or canceled at any time through your online account


Customer & Partner Testimonial

  • “SDBIC literally identified and provided a solution for an insurance gap of which many consumers–including sophisticated collectors–are not yet aware. We believe it to be a superb solution for all situations that which require safe deposit box storage usage.”

    Robert H. Pittinger