How to Back-Up the ‘Cloud’

In today’s world, storing personal information on one of the many clouds is as effortless as it is inexpensive.

It’s why many of us are storing various documents, photos, videos, and other valuable materials and memories online in some capacity.

The cloud is here to stay, as it should be.

As much as we read about the safety of the cloud, we also hear about breaches of privacy or data theft.

Moreover it’s tough enough to remember service providers, contents, usernames and passwords, yet alone worry about losing your data and memories to cyber theft or data loss/corruption.

Also, backup still does not fully solve the problem, because there are certain documents that need to be originals in order to be valid such as wills, titles, trusts, and deeds.

Is there a way to ‘back up’ the cloud(s) in your life? Yes. And it’s easier than you might think.

A new, patented insurance coverage was recently introduced by Safe Deposit Box Insurance Coverage, LLC (SDBIC) to specifically address this gap.

SDBIC protects all legal contents put into a box against all robberies and burglaries, natural disasters and other manmade catastrophes. It’s relatively easy to enroll online and once complete, you’ll have the insurance policy emailed that day.

It doesn’t require any disclosure of contents or appraisals, both of which are costly and inconvenient and sometimes emotionally inaccurate. How much are your diamond earrings or your grandfather’s antique pocket watch really worth?

The cloud is a great solution, but not the only one.