A Safe Deposit Box: Your ‘Air Gap’ Security Solution in the Digital Age

The NSA, CIA, FBI, nuclear power plants and military networks.

These and other organizations handling sensitive information often implement a security protocol known as the “air gap computer.”

An air gap computer is one that is neither connected to the internet, nor connected to any device that is connected to the internet. It’s physically removed from the Web and therefore secure from data breaches or theft beyond direct physical contact, of course.

Imagine if your data, important documents and thousands of pictures and videos could be protected in such a secure fashion?

They can be. And it’s quite easy and inexpensive.

It’s called a safe deposit box. It’s the smartest, cheapest and most logical choice for safely storing valuable materials and documents–and the FBI, FEMA, American Red Cross, AARP, FDIC and many other respected groups agree that a safe deposit box is the best option to safely store your valuable possessions.

The backup process is easy. Simply copy and paste all your digital items and more onto an external zip drive. Store your drive(s) in a safe deposit box and insure it. For a little over $100, you now have a complete and safe backup that cannot be corrupted or breached. It’s the backup to your backup.

SDBIC offers the only insurance in the market today that covers digital storage and important documents. You get up to $3K on every policy for replacement of these items. For a base policy as low as $25 a year, it can be one of the smartest purchases you can make.